Additional Cost Settings

Additional Cost Settings

What is an additional cost?

Additional costs are the charges that either a university or the ex-employer charges SpringVerify to provide us with the candidate’s data. These additional costs will get Charged by the universities and companies who hire third parties to keep their data. An additional cost is a charge on top of the package cost.

What are the types of additional costs?

  1. Pass-through fees

    • Additional charges are pass-through fees required by the verifier to proceed with any check, these pass-through fees are generally required by the Universities/Schools/Colleges/Ex-employers. This varies

  1. Re-initiation fee

    • There will be a re-initiation charge when a check needs to get reopened after it has been closed (unverifiable/discrepant/insufficiency - post 60 days).

  1. International fee

    • If there is a need to verify any checks outside of India, an international fee will apply.

    • SpringVerify imposes a standard international processing fee of INR 1500, including Address, Education, and Employment checks.

Which checks get covered under additional cost types?


Pass-Through fee 

/ Re-initiation fee

International fee



Education (Official)

Education (Regional)

Education (Hybrid)




What are the different configurations that can get set for Additional cost Requests?

  1. Auto Approve up to a certain amount ( Recommended mode )

    • This mode will approve all additional requests up to the provided amount.

    • It is our recommended mode as it will help us grade/conclude the verification of the employees faster.

  1. Manual Approval Required

    • Every time an additional cost gets raised, it will come to your team for approval - An email will be sent to the admin of the group notifying about the ADC.

    • You can check your ADCs from the Approve Charges page.

  1. Always Reject

    • It will auto-reject all the additional charges that are requested for any checks.

    • This mode is generally not recommended as the checks get auto-graded as closed if there are any additional charges.
  1. Include in the Package cost.
    • The cost of ADC will get bundled with the package at the time of purchase.

Note: When you set up the auto-approval limit, you don't need to approve additional charges manually. These charges will be automatically approved as soon as they are raised on the portal, resulting in a quick turnaround time.
💡Set additional costs on Auto-approval mode for faster candidate verification. 

Over 70% of SpringVerify customers have set the auto-approval mode for faster verification of their candidate.

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