All the checks you need are in one place

All the checks you need are in one place

Let's dive into them 👇

Recommended checks

Based on your candidate data and industry peers, here are the checks you can opt for to improve the quality of hires at your organization.

Financial Health

  1. CIBIL Check

    • Know if your candidate has been involved in financial fraud, payment default, or deferred payments. Read more

  2. PAN Check

    • Make sure your potential employee has a healthy financial and tax submission record. Read more

Employment History

  1. Employment Check

    • Hire with confidence by verifying your candidate’s employment history, title, duration, and more. Read more 

  2. Employment Gap

    • Get the right reasons for gaps in work experiences to ensure it’s not a cause of concern for you.

  3. Reference Check

    • Understand your candidates better from the perspective of their ex-managers/peers. Read more

  4. Resume Check

    • Evaluate if resume details match the actual details of your candidates.

Multiple Address Records

  1. Postal verification

    • An additional layer of address verification in the case of any discrepancy with the current mode of verification

  2. Current Address 

    • Verify the candidate’s current place of residence to ensure you don’t hire applicants with the wrong location credentials.  Read more

  3. Permanent Address 

    • Verify the candidate’s permanent place of residence to ensure you don’t hire applicants with the wrong location credentials.  Read more

  4. Credit check

    • Get informed about addresses associated with candidates in addition to their primary residency. Read more


  1. Upgrade to Hybrid mode

    • Make informed hiring decisions by confirming your candidate's education credentials, degree, professional license, certification, and more. Read more 

Criminal Records

  1. Court Check (Current Address / Permanent Address)

    • Know if your candidate has been involved in serious or organized crimes. Read more

  2. World-Check

    • Stay aware of potential threats by identifying if a candidate is charged with legal or criminal lawsuits. Read more


  1. Passport

    • Verify if the candidate is who they claim they are and have the right to work at your organization.  Read more 

Management Employees

  1. Social Media 

    • Screen their online behavior to ensure it aligns with your company’s values. Read more 

  2. Drug Test 

    •  Help your company stay compliant and meet work policy requirements by screening pre/post-hires.  Read more 

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