Asking Questions and Customizing Preferences with Albus on the Web

Asking Questions and Customizing Preferences with Albus on the Web

Engaging with Albus on the web for answers is a seamless process. Here's a quick guide on how to ask questions and tailor your preferences:

Direct Queries to Albus:
  1. You can directly pose your questions to Albus from the Ask Albus page.
  2. This streamlined approach ensures quick access to the information you seek.

Choose Your Preferred Search Source:

While writing your question, take advantage of the option to select your preferred search source. Albus offers three choices: Wiki, AI, or Automatic.

  1. Wiki:
    1. Albus will scour internal sources connected to your platform.
    2. It means your answers will be generated exclusively from the connected sources.
  2. AI:
    1. Opting for AI means Albus will tap into its trained knowledge up to 2021 from online data.
    2. Your answers will be generated based on a broader spectrum, incorporating insights beyond your internal sources.
  3. Automatic:
    1. It autonomously decides the best source for your answer, from your Wiki or AI.

With these preferences, you can enhance your interaction with Albus on the web, ensuring that your questions get answered in a way that aligns with your specific needs and the nature of the information you seek.

Unsure of what to ask? Get prompt ideas from these cards. 

  1. Choose your category, find the question, and Ask Albus.

  1. Albus starts answering your question immediately.

  1. Feel free to provide your feedback or access information from other sources using these options.

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