Details on Appearance Customization

Details on Appearance Customization

This article is designed to provide a detailed walkthrough, guiding you through the steps necessary to tailor the visual aspects of your widget. Uncover the impact of each customization option on your chat widget preview, empowering you to craft a personalized and visually appealing interface.

Here are the key points to assist you in customizing the appearances of the Albus chat widget:

Widget Name

A widget name functions as an identifier for a specific interactive element on a website or application. Refer to the screenshot below to understand how to change the chat widget name.

Welcome Message:

Learn how to modify the chat widget's welcome message by referring to the screenshot provided.

Bot Message:

Explore the screenshot below to understand how to change the Bot message for your chat widget.

Widget Positions and Dimensions:

Utilize these settings to dynamically adjust the placement and dimensions of the widget on your page, in addition to customizing its overall theme.

Remove "Powered by Albus"

Refer to this knowledge base article to gain insights into removing the "Powered by Albus" tag.

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