Does Civil Searches come under National Criminal Search?

Does Civil Searches come under National Criminal Search?

Civil Court Searches help in uncovering hidden insights about a candidate far above than the criminal history. In other words, Civil Searches uncover criminal activity such as restraining orders, breach of contract suits or any other felonies which affects the employer/corporation.

Civil Court Checks clearly doesn’t come under National Criminal Checks.

National Criminal Checks include :-

National Criminal Records Check:

Nationwide criminal records check will monitor millions of records in the state and local crimes databases to identify any mishaps in the candidate’s profile.

County Criminal Records Check:

Verify county records from one state or all states based on your individual need to get a solid report of the complete criminal history.

Federal Criminal Records Check:

Any Felony or misdemeanor convictions can be extracted from the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records)

State Criminal Records Check:

Statewide search on state records, police & law records databases is done to get a complete history of criminal records

Global Watchlist Search:

A complete and thorough search on domestic & international government watchlists is done for criminal history

Sex Offender Search:

Complete search of all the states of the US which gives the date of registration of the criminal offense and current status of the conviction.

SSN Trace Search:

Validate the Social Security Number of the candidate by an accurate SSN Trace through the nationwide public database

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