How do we set up Trivia App in our Slack Workspace?
  1. Here is the link to our Knowledge Base articles, where you can find all the steps to add Trivia to Slack and get started with Trivia. Link to the Knowledge Base articles.

If we were to add the Trivia App to our Slack Workspace, Will everyone in our workspace get notified that it got added?
  1. Everyone in your workspace will be able to use the app. The Trivia app doesn't let the users get notified of the installation.

Will the Trivia App appear as a slack channel?
  1. The Trivia App doesn't create/show up as a Slack channel. As it is an application, you need to add it to the Slack channel :)

Can admins manually add or remove users if so? Or will everyone in our slack workspace be automatically added to the Trivia App channel?
  1. Once the Trivia app gets added to a channel, the Slack admins naturally have permission to add or remove the users from that channel. But, Trivia will not create separate channels on Slack.
  2. There is a feature called VirtualCoffee, where your teammates in your Slack channel where the Trivia got added will get randomly paired in a group DM to break the ice.

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