General/Agreement/Documentation related FAQs

General/Agreement/Documentation related FAQs

Q. How many users can be added to the SpringScan dashboard?
There is no restriction on the number of users that can be added under 1 Company.

Q. What is your Data destruction policy?
WhatsApp data is deleted in 20 minutes of initiating ID and Court. No documents are saved at our end. BGV data will be saved as per Client, 3 years to lifetime depending on their requirement. The hard copy of collected documents will be returned to the client or shredded quarterly and a certificate will be issued by the IT Team.

Q. What are the legal implications for the employer or organization when performing background verification?

The employer needs to get the consent form signed by the candidate. Without the signed consent form, we cannot proceed with the backgrounds checks.

Q. Can we remove the details of the checks mentioned in Annexure A which are not selected in the package?
No need to remove any of the checks from the agreement. It only applies to checks they run. The Annexure just lists all the checks that are available to them, it does not mean they are being charged for it. The platform gives them access to all the checks. It's important to define whether they use it or not.

Q. Is Aadhar an acceptable document for Verification?
It's acceptable to collect Aadhaar as long as it's an option given to the candidate. It cannot be forced but is legal to accept if the candidate offers it.

Q. Can we share a word document of the agreement with the client?
No, if the client requires any change, we can make them and send the updated copy but we cannot send word documents to edit. Annexure C can be shared in word format if the client wishes to edit it for digital signature, but we have to cross verify if there are any other changes made by the client.

Q. This agreement has a 1-year commitment. Is there a hidden monthly fee I might miss?
No, there are no hidden charges.

Q. When should I pay the additional fee for Education or Employment check?

  • For a swift and streamlined Education or Employment check, it is advisable to promptly approve and submit the additional fee upon receiving the payment request. 
  • Timely payment will facilitate the verification process and mitigate any potential delays, enabling you to obtain the background check results expeditiously.

Q. What are the details to be given for Digital Signature?
The details to be given for Digital Signature are:

Q. How exactly are we using Blockchain in SpringVerify?
Employee records are written and recorded in a decentralized, private, and secured blockchain.

Q. The Candidate has stayed in multiple addresses. Can we cover all of them in a court record check?

  • It is indeed feasible to perform a court record check on multiple addresses. However, the extent of the check's thoroughness may differ depending on the jurisdictions and the accessibility of records involved. In such cases, conducting a detailed background check across multiple addresses might necessitate extra time and resources. 
  • A comprehensive court record check for an individual with multiple addresses requires precise information about each address. Please be aware that additional fees may apply for conducting court record checks on multiple addresses due to the need for more extensive research and verification procedures.

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