How can I recognize someone using EngageWith on MS Teams?

How can I recognize someone using EngageWith on MS Teams?

Here are the steps on how you can recognize your team using EngageWith

  • Open the Team where EngageWith got added
  • Type the command @EngageWith and select the bot
  • Click on Recognize from the command pop-up and send the command
  • Click on the CTA Kudos/Shoutout
  • Fill in the preferences on the recognition you are going to send out from the pop-up
  • Click on Submit
  • You are all set 🎉

The EngageWith sends out the recognition in the Channel/Team where you have set up. 

Below are the Pictorial Representations for the above steps: 

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      To get started, click on Add to Teams on our Home Page. The next step is granting permission to access resources in your organization. This access is necessary for EngageWith to integrate with your Microsoft Teams organization. These permissions can ...
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      Yes, you can. Submit the command @engagewith and click on Recognize Someone. While selecting recipients, you can choose to send recognition to multiple people.
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