How do I fill out the background verification form (BGV form) on SpringVerify?

How do I fill out the background verification form (BGV form) on SpringVerify?

There are two ways to fill out the Background Verification form:

  1. If your employer has selected “I’ll fill it," then HR will be able to enter all your details, and you will receive a consent form that needs to be signed and submitted to begin the verification process.
  2. If your employer has selected “Ask Candidate,” you will receive an Email from SpringVerify India requesting you to complete the document submission process through a form fill.

Here are the Instructions/Steps to fill out and submit the form:
  1. Clicking on the button with the embedded link will launch a new window where you will be given a brief introduction to the process.
  2. Clicking on “Get Started” will reveal the secure background verification form where you will share information, upload documents, and submit everything necessary for the background verification.
  3. Note: All the mandatory fields need to be filled in each section before you can move on to the next sections.
  4. After you have filled in the Basic Details, Contact Details, Uploaded the necessary documents, and shared the requested information, and you will be presented with a Consent Form.
  5. Signing the consent form gives the SpringVerify team and the hiring company the to verify your information with your consent.
  6. Kindly read the form carefully before proceeding further.
  7. Enter your full name and the city you currently reside in. Click on “Yes, I agree” to sign & submit the Consent Form.
  8. Clicking on “Submit form” will conclude your Background Verification form submission.
Congratulations! You have successfully submitted your background verification form. Please do leave us feedback, as it helps us serve you better.

Here are the Pictorial representations of the above steps: 

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