How do I give selective access to some team members for hosting Trivia games?

How do I give selective access to some team members for hosting Trivia games?

Here's a quick tutorial:

Selective access helps maintain a balance of work and fun in your Slack workspace.

Trivia's admin controls allow you to restrict access to host Trivia games. You can selectively grant access to specific users.

Please note that only Slack workspace admins can give selective access to team members. Once access is given to a particular team member, they can host Trivia games anytime.

To set up admin controls
 follow the below steps with pictorial representations:

  • Select the Slack Workspace if you have multiple workspaces or click on Allow

  • Click on Settings in the navigation bar on the top right corner of the Trivia Dashboard.
  • Under Access to start Trivia games, toggle the button to allow specific team members to start the games.
  • Select team members to whom you want to grant access for hosting Trivia games.

  • You are all Set!

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