How do I recognize someone from the EngageWith homepage?

How do I recognize someone from the EngageWith homepage?

Here are the steps to recognize your peers using EngageWith from the homepage on Slack: 
  • Navigate to EngageWith on your Slack.
  • Click on "Make a Recognition."

  • Choose your preferences:
    • Type of Recognition - Kudos/Shoutout.
      • If you are an Admin, you can also choose Admin Kudos/Admin Shoutout
        • Kudos / Shoutout upto 5 at a time
    • Select the folks you want to recognize.
    • Type in your reason for recognizing the user.
      • You can enhance your message with AI 😀.
    • Choose your Company Value.
    • Ensure to check the channel where it will be posted.
    • Click on "Submit."

🎉 EngageWith will post the Recognition in your Slack channel where the Recognition was enabled 🎉

You are all set.
You have successfully recognized your peer from your EngageWith homepage.
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