How do I set up rewards & recognition based on my budget?

How do I set up rewards & recognition based on my budget?

Based on the allocated budget for your employee recognition and rewards programs, you can establish limitations for EngageWith points. EngageWith points serve as the internal currency within the system and are utilized when appreciating someone.

Each user has two categories of points within their EngageWith account:
  1. Points that they can send to others
  2. Points that they receive from others

The amount of points that are transferred from one user to another depends on the type of appreciation - "kudos" or a "shoutout." The values corresponding to a kudos and shoutout can be set by an EngageWith admin within the Rewards Tab section of the EngageWith Dashboard.

Furthermore, EngageWith admin must also define the exchange rate for points under the Rewards tab.for points within the Rewards settings Section.
To tie in your budget with EngageWith, an admin can set how many points are allocated to users monthly, quarterly, or annually. This will ensure that transactions don’t exceed your budget.

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