How to add candidates in Bulk?

How to add candidates in Bulk?

You can use our Bulk Candidate addition feature to add multiple candidates at once.
  1. Click on the Alphabet” on the top right
  2. Click on “Bulk Candidate addition”

Please Note: If there are multiple packages; you will need to create separate files for each individual package and upload each file one at a time. 

  1. You can select the headers from the columns given on the left hand side
    1. Choose Full Name from drop-down
    2. Choose Phone Number from drop-down
    3. Choose Gender from drop-down
    4. Choose Email ID from drop-down
  1. Click on “Preview data” to see if the data in the file is correct
  2. Once you are sure, Click on “Next” 
  3. You will need to select one package and you can also select “Add Ons” which will be applied to all the candidates.

Visual walk-through📽️ : LINK 

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