How to create VirtualCoffee? How does it work?

How to create VirtualCoffee? How does it work?

Just like in-office rituals do more than just keep you caffeinated, VirtualCoffee helps you recreate that coffee culture irrespective of your geography. Introducing people has never been easier!

  1. VirtualCoffee will randomly pair people from selected channels and encourage them to meet up for lunch, snacks, or even a virtual coffee!
  2. Break silos and spark conversations across distances and departments. Build connections up the fun factor every time you catch up with peers.
  3. Discover new things such as shared interests, hobbies, and more. Make getting to know each other easy and fun.

Here are the steps to follow:

Invite Trivia to your Slack Channel. Send this command in your channel >> /invite @Trivia or /trivia virtualcoffee.

To Enable VirtualCoffee, you need to access the Trivia Home Tab.

  1. Open Trivia App
  2. Select 'VirtualCoffee

  1. You get to see a pop-up to Set up VirtualCoffee. Click on Set up.

  1. You get to see the pop-up with lots of options that come in handy.
    • Choose the channel where you want to set up VirtualCoffee. 
    • Set your pairing frequency with the following:
      • Every two weeks
      • Every four weeks
      • Once a quarter
    • Choose the Time, Timezone.

You can exclude users from the selected channel to pair.

  1. Click on Set up. 
  2. You are all set with setting up the VirtualCoffee.


Once you get added to the Trivia VirtualCoffee group, DM along with your VirtualCoffee partner, take advantage of the conversation starters, or get on a call with your VirtualCoffee partner.

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