How to purchase a Trivia Subscription?

How to purchase a Trivia Subscription?

Here is an article that helps you understand how you can purchase the Trivia subscription.

Steps to Subscribe

  1. You get navigated to the Pricing page of MS Teams Trivia
  2. You can now choose the plans that are provided by Trivia by clicking on the CTA "Get it now"
    1. Standard
    2. Pro

  1. Step - 1

    • Choose the plan from the Checkout page
    • Click on Next

Step - 2

  • Choose the billing preferences
    • Select the Billing Frequency
      • Monthly
      • Yearly
    • Select your Billing type
      • One time
      • Recurring
    • Number of licenses
      • The number of licenses should be the number of users in your workspace
      • If you prefer to have all the users in your workspace use Trivia, you need to select that number of licenses for your folks in your team
  • Click on Next

Step - 3

  • Payment gateway
  • Enter all your details here and proceed to checkout your order
Please verify before you checkout

Step - 4 

  • Your details will get verified now

Step - 5

  • Complete your Purchase by Configuring your SaaS account

Now you can navigate to your Trivia Dashboard and assign the purchased licenses 🎉

You are all Set!

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