How to Set up EngageWith on Slack?

How to Set up EngageWith on Slack?

Schedule a call with our Product Specialists to install and set up EngageWith.

You can also setup EngageWith using the below steps:

A) Installing EngageWith

  • Install the EngageWith App from the Slack App Directory

  • Click Allow EngageWith to access your Slack workspace 

B) Configuring Basic Account Details
  • Click on "Let's Get Started"

  • Fill out information like Workspace name, Country, Mobile No etc. 

  • Select the channel from your workspace that you would like to integrate with EngageWith

  • (Note: All the recognition posts will be posted on this channel)

  1. Next, Select your preferences for using EngageWith and click on "Continue."

C) Setting up Rewards and Recognition

    Step 1 - Configure the Points
  • Enter the points for Kudos and Shoutouts

Kudos and Shoutouts are two recognition types. Kudos are typically used to appreciate a teammate for a job well done. Shoutouts are given when a teammate goes above and beyond or has accomplished something exceptional. Teammates get points when they receive a Kudos or Shoutout E.g. If Kudos is 10 points, they will get 10 points everytime they receive a Kudos

Step 2 - Setup Monthly Points Allowance

  • This is the number of points all employees will get at the beginning of the month.

Step 3 - Configure the conversion points to enable rewards

  1. Every point received through recognitions can have a monetary value. Employees can choose to redeem this points from a global catalog with 1000+ premium brands and 20+ categories.

  • Click Finish Setup

🎉 Congratulations! Your EngageWith Setup is now complete! 🎉

Next Steps to Complete 1. Enable Redemption and other configure other settings

  1. Click Configure under Rewards tab from the left menu
    Your Rewards settings will appear here
    Enable Rewards - This will enable the employees to redeem their points

  1. Give unique name to Points
    You can choose to give a unique name to Points. Select from the drop-down or use a custom name. 

2. Organizational Values
  1. You can also set up your organization's core values, making them an integral part of recognition. Everytime a recognition is made, the recognizer can attach an organizational value that resonates with the appreciation.
    You can edit the existing values or add a value.
3. Map teams with managers inside EngageWith
  1. This enables manager approval for public recognitions on Slack. Mapping can be facilitated in 2 methods: You can do this through a Bulk Update or Mark Managers Individually.

Hover on the user to whom you wanted to assign the Managers and click on the 3-dots

  • Click on "Assign Manager"

  • Select a Manager from the list

  • Click on "Save"

🎉 You are all set with the EngageWith Onboarding 🎉

If you have any queries, write to us at or set up a call with our product specialists here. 

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