Managing Tags, Categories, Passwords, and Settings

Managing Tags, Categories, Passwords, and Settings

Here is more info:
  1. Manage Tags: You can assign tags to candidates that you are adding for your internal identification purposes.
    1. ex. Developer
  2. Manage Category: You can categorise candidates that you are adding for ease of managing/tracking.
    1. ex. IT Department
  3. Change Password
  4. Setting - As shown in the below Image

  • Please find the HR Note and Overdue Note below.
  • You have the option to customize these notes. Let our support team know if you would like changes.

Standard template for HR Note:
"Please treat this with the utmost urgency. This is a prerequisite for your employment with our organization."
Standard template for Overdue Note: (This will be sent post 3 days of the due date)
"Not completing the background check request on time will lead to internal escalations and may affect onboarding processes"

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