Operations/Verifications-related FAQs

Operations/Verifications-related FAQs

Q. Can hard/soft copies of documents be sent through the mail?

No. The HR or the candidate is expected to enter details and upload documents through the background verification (BGV) form link or the SpringVerify portal only. Uploading bulk data (Name, Email, Contact, and Gender) is also possible on the portal itself. 

Q. Can I do address verification or employment verification when I go for a UV package?

Yes, you can now include ‘Add-on’ checks to the verification packages for specific candidates at an additional charge. Add Candidate > Choose a Verification Package > Add-on checks

Q. Will the complaints also be covered in the Court Record Check?

FIRs are available only for a few states. Interpretation of the privacy of FIRs depends on each state. Some states mandate that the FIR is only between the complainant and the accused (and, of course, the legal system) and not a matter of public record. Some other states allow it. The extent of the records is also a challenge. Not all districts in every state follow the online system of filing an FIR online diligently, even though it is mandated by the state government. If court records are fragmented, FIR is a lost cause - One can only imagine the state of complaints that don't have an FIR.

Q. Why can’t we use Offer Letter/Resignation Acceptance for employment verification?

Both the offer letter and resignation acceptance letter are tentative documents provided to the candidate before onboarding or at the time of resignation. These documents alone don’t guarantee that the candidate joined the organization or was relieved from the organization. Most employers ask for the experience or service letter to verify as this document is issued by the employer only after the completion of exit formalities by the candidate.

Q. We have the documents ready with us. Can someone come and collect the hard copies of the documents for verification?

No, the documents must be submitted online through the portal.

Yes, It is a legal requirement. Without the signed consent, we cannot proceed with the verifications. However, if the HR provides the SpringVerify team with a consent undertaking stating that they have the candidate’s consent and that they take responsibility for it; the candidates need not sign a consent letter to begin the background verification process. 

No, the consent and acknowledgment of the candidate are a must and legally required to verify a candidate's background.

Q. Can the address check be done without contacting the candidate?

No, we won’t be able to run address checks without contacting the candidate in either of the methods followed to run the check. 

Q. Elaborate on the Address Verification Process, Coverage, and Methods?

Methods: Physical Address Verification(PAV) or Digital Address Verification(DAV).

Process: Our PAV is highly secured. Every agent carries a GPS-enabled smartphone and an app that is locked in the device. The agent will visit the candidate’s place of residence, speak to the candidate or any person associated with them and, confirm the address, take a few pictures to verify. Also, the agent cannot upload photos in the app taken elsewhere, the app only allows uploading by capturing images through it.

DAV is no different from PAV. The only difference here is we get the candidate to do what the agent typically does. The candidate gets a link, the link opens in the browser (No App Required), goes through different questions, clicks pictures, and the GPS location is captured. This is matched with the address proof submitted by the candidate.

Coverage: For PAV, India has 27000+ Pin Codes, and we have coverage in more than 26000 Pin Codes. We have the highest distribution compared to any other vendor in the country. We are just 600 codes short of India post.

Q. What are Employment Check and Reference Check?

An employment check is done to know the employability of the candidate, and it is mostly done by the HR of the previous company. On the other hand, a Reference check involves the verification of the candidate through discussions with immediate managers and colleagues from previous companies.

Q. Should I run an employment background check before making a job offer?

A. The employment background check is done after the job offer is accepted by the candidate.

Q. Can we do a Personal Reference Check with someone from the candidate's family or the emergency contact person?

No, a reference check is only restricted to a professional one. A reference check can only be conducted with the candidate’s reporting manager or colleagues at the previous organization. 

Q. What is a Directorship Check?

Directorship Check is designed to verify a candidate's current and previously held directorships. This check will list any disqualifications by the courts and the Insolvency Service. When recruiting at a higher level, these checks are essential.

Q. How is the Global Database check done?

We run the Global Database Check through Refinitv (preferred) and TransUnion.Global Database check is also called as World-Check. World-Check is a database of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and heightened-risk individuals and organizations used worldwide to help identify and manage financial, regulatory, and reputational risk. World check was part of the Thomson Reuters Risk Management Solutions suite before being transferred to Refinitiv 

Q. Why do we recommend PAN cards for ID checks?

We recommend PAN cards for two reasons:

  • Organizations will be able to get maximum details of the candidate. Since the candidate has to upload his address proof in case of an address check, PAN cards will help them collect both Identity and Address proof at once.
  • PAN is the most authentic data available in India. There may be multiple voter IDs for a single person, and the majority of people do not update the details on their Driving License. So, PAN cards provide a more authentic verification.

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