Privileges of an EngageWith Admin

Privileges of an EngageWith Admin

Who can be an EngageWith Admin?

  • By default, the EngageWith installer gets Admin access. To provide your users with Admin privileges, you can easily grant them access by visiting the EngageWith settings page on your Dashboard.

What privileges does an EngageWith admin possess?
Here's an overview of what an EngageWith admin can do:
  • User Management: EngageWith admins can manage user accounts, add new users, and remove inactive ones.
  • Configurations: They can configure settings and customize EngageWith according to the organization's requirements.
  • Recognition Management: EngageWith admins can oversee recognition activities, review recognitions, and manage approvals.
  • Analytics: They have access to analytics and reports that provide insights into employee engagement and recognition metrics.
  • Transactions: The EngageWith admin can reload the wallet to maintain hassle-free user redemptions in your workspace. Also, they can view/download subscription invoices.
  • Engagement: They can run eNPS and Pulse Surveys in your workspace.
  • Admin Management: An EngageWith admin can assign/unassign the admin access to other users in your workspace by navigating to the settings page on your EngageWith dashboard.
  • Award a Bonus: EngageWith admins can award a bonus to their workspace users for their exceptional work for the company.

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