Types of Checks

Types of Checks

Here is the comprehensive list of checks that SpringVerify provides for employers of businesses of all sizes.

Physical Address Verification:

Verifies whether the candidate is residing at the address mentioned.
The on-ground associate will visit the candidate’s address in person and confirm if the candidate or their family members have been staying at the provided address. The field associate will verify the candidate’s period of stay in that address and verify any of the below documents to fulfill the address verification.
  1. Aadhar
  2. Passport
  3. Driving License
  4. Voter ID
  5. Other

Digital Address Verification (DAV): 

Digitally verifies whether the candidate is residing in the address provided using DAV.
An SMS is sent to the candidate’s mobile number with the Digital Address Verification System link. The system asks the candidate to grant their GPS location and device camera permission. Their current location is captured to match the coordinates obtained from the Proof of Address submitted earlier. The candidate/respondent is also instructed to provide details of their period of stay, type of accommodation, relationship with the candidate, and another Proof of Address confirming the same.

Education Verification: 

Verifies the candidate’s academic qualification, completion of the courses, credentials of the certificate, and educational institute.
Verification requests to the education institutions are made after receiving the following details: 
  1. Name of the candidate
  2. Name of the College/University
  3. Board/Registration Number
  4. Qualification Gained
  5. Tenure of Study/Year of Passing
Once we receive verification from the University/College, we will validate them against the details present in the BGV form & supporting document submitted by the candidate.

Employment Verification: 

Verifies the candidate's work experience with respect to what has been specified in the BGV form or other supporting documents.
We check whether the employer is listed in the Fake Employer's Database and if it is registered with statutory bodies or not. We also initiate direct communication with the employer seeking verification regarding the applicant. We gather data relating to tenure of employment, last held designation, the reason for leaving, eligibility to rehire, etc. 

Court Record Verification:

This check aims to verify whether any cases are filed in court against the candidate.
Court record check covers the below-listed courts:
  1. NCRDC Commission
  2. District Court and Tribunals
  3. High courts and Supreme Court of India

Identity Verification: 

Verifies whether the Proof of Identity submitted by the candidate was duly issued by the concerned Government Authorities. The Proof of ID that will be checked completely depends upon which ID has been chosen to be verified by the admin on the SpringVerify portal.
The below-listed identity proofs shall be verified with the concerned issuing authorities.
  1. PAN Card (Preferred)
  2. Voter ID
  3. Driving License 
  4. Passport
PAN Card is the most preferred form of ID check because this database is managed by NSDL and has an extremely high uptime given that the nation's financial transactions are linked to it. Compared to this, other Databases like DL/VID/Aadhaar have significant downtimes where the service availability can be as low as 30% and up to 65%.

Reference Verification: 

Verifies the candidate’s professional capabilities and attributes by contacting the provided/researched references from the given employment.
Typically the candidate will provide the following information to initiate the check:
  1. Name of the Reference
  2. Contact Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Designation
  5. Location
  6. Department/Division/Team
Before approaching said reference, the following details would be verified to confirm their credibility to support the Reference Check
  1. Reference’s Current Employer
  2. Relationship with the candidate
  3. Duration of Association

Global Database Verification: 

Verifies whether the candidate is directly or indirectly associated with any organized crimes and is listed in the databases of Regulatory, Compliance, Debarment, PEP, and Financial Sanctions authorities globally.
A relevant supporting document/ID consisting of the candidate's name, address, and father’s name is obtained. A search is done with the help of various proprietary and public online databases. 

Credit Check: 

Verifies the credit score of the candidate.
The required details are collected from the PAN card. The details are updated in the relevant Credit Bureau.

Social Media Verification: 

Verifies if the candidate has posted any discourteous, sensitive, or fraudulent content on their social media accounts.
There should not be any privacy settings preventing access to the candidate's profiles to obtain information about their social media profile.
All posts are examined to find if the candidate has expressed/revealed any of the following:
  1. Political rants
  2. Racist attitude
  3. Sexual harassment/sexist attitude
  4. Confidential Information or Negative Comments on Previous Employer/Boss/Colleagues
  5. Inappropriate Photos
  6. Mention of Using Drugs
  7. Qualifications (that do not match what is mentioned on the Resume)
  8. Posts related to a criminal activity/illegal conduct

Passport Validation:

Verifies whether the passport submitted is a valid one or not.
The information found in the first and last pages of the passport is used to run against a unique algorithm. Only if all the characters match, it’s considered to be a valid passport.

Drug Test Screening: 

Screen potential hires for possible drug abuse. Designed to meet integrated command, regulations, and/or specific company policies and requirements, our Candidate Drug screening services are convenient and expansive, offering lab-based drug testing via a vast collection network. With drug background screening options that match your needs, location, and costs, we ensure your workplaces are safe, drug-free, and healthy.

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