What are Civil Court Case Checks?

What are Civil Court Case Checks?

Civil Court Case Checks allows you to screen candidates at the County and Federal Civil court level.

Need for Civil Court Background Checks:

Civil Court checks give information on a candidate's legal history beyond criminal convictions such as restraining orders or breaches of important company contracts. This is very much needed for candidate’s who are in the run for important positions such as Financial officers, Managers etc.

Reason why Civil Court Checks helps employers :

  • Organization safety
  • Hire eligible and fit candidate
  • Complete compliance with the State and Federal Laws
  • Honest hiring practices

Reliable information for better decision making

Lower & Upper Court Records

Lower and Upper Court cases are generally differentiated by claims covering less and more than $5000. These searches happen on a County level

Lower Court Cases < $5000

Upper Court Cases > $5000

Some of the claims filed are :

  • Liens & Foreclosures
  • Restraining orders filed
  • Personal injuries causes
  • Contract Breaches

Federal Civil Court Records

Search at the US District Court level to find if there are cases involving the federal or state government such as:

  • Civil rights violations
  • Violation of federal codes
  • Tax claims & disputes
  • Interstate violations
  • Claims reported at the local or federal level

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