What are Professional License Verifications?

What are Professional License Verifications?

Professional License Verification helps employers hire candidates for their unique needs. This helps employers make trust based decisions through the results obtained.

According to “The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS)” 96% of employers conduct at least one type of background screening. And 76% of these employers conducted Professional License Verification. This shows the importance of Professional License Verification among the employers in the United States.

Professional License Screening, an inevitable necessity

There are huge benefits when it comes to verifying your candidate’s license or certification. When your employee’s credentials are amicably screened, your organization is hiring only qualified individuals, thereby protecting you from unwanted lawsuits . A Professional License normally contains the below information:

  • Type of License/Certification obtained
  • License number
  • Issued State
  • Start & Expiration Date

When and where to use Professional License Screening

Professional License Screening can help employers hire specially-trained candidates with a valid license suiting their unique needs. SpringVerify helps you screen your candidate’s professional license along with credentials, validity and date of expiry. Professional License can be verified for roles such as:

  • Educators, tutors & teaching Professionals
  • Cleaning service providers (household, laundry)
  • Construction contractors ( plumbers, electricians and building planners)
  • Professionals in Healthcare industries (doctors, nurses and pharmacists)

Trust is the universal ingredient required for all kinds of professions, especially the person whom you choose to work with for a long time. And SpringVerify solidifies your trust by helping you choose only the best.

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