What are Reference Checks?

What are Reference Checks?

Professional Reference Checks helps employers understand the candidate’s character and the skillset he/she brings to the table. Through in-depth reviews and interviews, Reference Checks helps employers make a clear information backed decision with peace of mind.

Reference Checks are generally defined as verifications done over the candidate’s history to check the authenticity, character and skills of the candidate. Employment Verification is very much similar to Professional Reference Checks, but only verifies history of employment and Job titles. With Reference Checks, you look into broader details of the candidate’s profile like knowledge, skills, abilities, and character.

Significance of Reference Checks

Professional Reference Checks helps uncover details which are not explicit while conducting Employment and Education checks. It helps uncover the candidate’s unique qualities and abilities with solid information from their references.

Reference checks helps your business

  • Hire only trustworthy candidates
  • Make knowledge based hiring decisions
  • Get a thorough realistic assessment of the candidate
  • Avoid the cost of wrong hires

Accurate Results you can trust

A Professional Reference Check helps you understand the candidate’s true nature like his/her loyalty, the ability to do strenuous tasks, to be a team player etc. SpringVerify helps you gather this information faster and accurately for you to make better hiring decisions.

Third party >>> Internal Verifications

Conducting internal reference checks might be a cumbersome process. When it comes to Professional Reference Verifications, time is of the essence. Time should be valued while interviewing referees about the candidate. It can take anywhere between half to one whole hour to gather insights about a particular candidate. You simply afford to take this amount of time for a single candidate.

This is where third party organizations like SpringVerify play a pivotal role. SpringVerify helps you streamline the entire background verification process and helps you hire faster by making information based decisions.

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