What are the commands to launch the Trivia games on Slack?

What are the commands to launch the Trivia games on Slack?

There are plenty of games available in Trivia. Also, there will be more upcoming as well.

Here is the list of commands and steps to launch the Trivia games on Slack
  • Instant Quizzes & Self-paced Quizzes

    • Trivia quizzes or instant quizzes have 30+ topics & 35,000+ questions.
    • To start a Trivia Instant quiz or Self-paced quiz, submit the command /trivia quiz in a channel or a chat.

  • (Un)Popular Opinions

    • We have the best opinion app you can play on Slack. To vote for and stir up a little bit of controversy.
    • To start a (Un)Popular Opinion, Submit the command /trivia opinion in a channel or a chat.

  • Gotcha!

    • It is a quiz game where it pays to know the correct answer and fool others with your wrong answer. It can also fetch you points.
    • To start a round of Gotcha, submit the command /trivia gotcha in a channel or a chat.

  • Pictionary

    • It is a word-guessing game based on the image drawn by others. If it is your turn, You will get the chance to draw. So your team can guess your drawing.
    • To start Pictionary, submit the command /trivia Pictionary in a channel.

  • Water Cooler

    • Water Cooler talk refers to casual conversations between co-workers about non-work topics.
    • To set up a Water Cooler, submit the command /trivia water cooler in your chat with Trivia.

  • GIF Charades

    • It is a most Favorite Trivia Game by our users. Guess the movie/TV show depicted in the GIF.
    • To set up GIF Charades, submit the command /trivia charades in your chat with Trivia.

  • True or False

    • Thousands of questions, and all you have to do is choose - True or False
    • To set up a True or False, submit the command /trivia true or false in your chat with Trivia.

  • Run a Poll

    • To set up Custom Polls, submit the command /trivia poll in your chat with Trivia.

  • Custom Quizzes

    • Create quizzes with personalized questions and hold special events for your teams.
    • To launch a Custom quiz, submit the command /trivia custom quiz in a channel or a chat.

  • VirtualCoffee

    • It bridges the gap and helps you engage beyond your screens, enabling you to connect with your teammates and get to know them better.
    • To start VirtualCoffee, submit the command /trivia virtualcoffee in a channel.

  • Emoji Rebus

    • Be the first to answer the emoji-based questions and take home the points! 🔥
    • Emoji Rebus doesn't have a command to start. You need to start this game from Trivia App >> Games >> Emoji Rebus

  • Hangman

    • Guess the word, phrase, or sentence by guessing letters!
    • Categories Include Sports, Movies, Office Supplies, Animals, Food, Clothes, and more.
    • This doesn't have a command to start. You need to start this game from Trivia App >> Games >> Hangman

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