What are the extra steps that SpringVerify take to assure quality ?

What are the extra steps that SpringVerify take to assure quality ?

SpringVerify does what it takes to give you the most accurate details of the candidate. Our very own Operations team is with you every step of the way when there’s a hindrance in the quality of checks provided.

For instance, let’s say if a candidate is marked as a concern for a criminal history check by SpringVerify via information gathered through the database. In this case, SpringVerify notifies the Employer. Now, the employer can either clear the check and go ahead with the candidate or request to dig deeper. Additionally, the candidate has the liberty to dispute the results if he/she finds the information generated is false. SpringVerify will make sure to coordinate with both the Employer and the candidate by doing an additional screening to derive the most accurate results.

SpringVerify values quality of results as it’s top most priority. Since, even a small error could impact the entire report. This is the reason being on why we do whatever takes to maintain the quality of the background checks performed.

At times when there’s a concern raised, our operations team will manually reach out to the concerned candidate and will sort out the issue and get it resolved as soon as possible.

If there’s no hindrance during the background verification process, all of the checks according to the plan chosen will be executed in an instant. That’s how fast and smooth SpringVerify acts.

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