What is a MVR Check and why is it important?

What is a MVR Check and why is it important?

MVR check allows you to verify your candidate’s driving records, license validity, DUIs, and other on road violations if any with great accuracy and reliability for the safety of your organization.

Safety & Security

Need for Motor Vehicle Record Check:

MVR checks give information about the candidate’s driving history which is important for positions where employees, contractors are required to operate a motor vehicle. MVR checks help you stay compliant and it ensures the safety of your customers.

MVR Checks help employers to :

  • Hire qualified candidates with safe driving records
  • Maintain the brand of the organization and win the trust of customers
  • Protect employees against liability claim

MVR Checks are typically done for roles such as :

  • Contract & Commercial drivers
  • Employees who use company vehicles
  • Truck & Delivery drivers
  • Instant Results

Solid information you’ll know in a MVR Check:

MVR Check usually searches the database of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to confirm the validity of the license obtained by the candidate. MVR checks returns information dated back as long as 10 years for some states.

Details learned through a MVR Check:

  • Status of the driver’s license (Suspended /Active/Expired)
  • Class of vehicles allowed to drive
  • Any kind of felony,misdemeanors, violations such as DUI

Details needed to run a MVR check:

  • Proper full name of the candidate as appeared on the license
  • Driver’s license (DL) number
  • State which issued the license

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