What is an ID Check?

What is an ID Check?

ID checks ensure the authenticity of your candidate’s degree, credentials, or professional license by validating them with SpringVerify.

Need for ID verifications:

  • Candidates for remote employment positions
  • Freelancers for your extended workforce
  • Contractors in the gig economy
  • Positions in the financial services industry
  • eCommerce company employees

Three simple steps to get started with ID checks:

We use Knowledge-Based-Authentication (KBA) to verify the candidate’s name, license no., date of birth, address, and more. Here’s how ID verification works inside SpringVerify.

Step 1:

Initiate the background check process as soon as your candidates complete their personal profile

Step 2:

SpringVerify sends a passcode to the verified phone number or uses the Social Security Number for more accuracy

Step 3:

Keep tabs on the verification process and get notified if a candidate’s identity is verified or not.

How well can you count on our results?

All the verification results provided are accurate and compliant with industry standards. In case if a candidate fails the ID Verification process, we help to get additional identification documents, including a government-issued ID, driver’s license, passport, or military ID. This sets up a fool-proof process for you to rely on 24x7.

Why SpringVerify?


Get your candidate ID verified in hours, not days.


Save time and money with access to the information you need.


We source data directly from HR departments to provide accurate, up-to-date information.

On-time reports

10,000+ brands trust us with seamless checks, on-time reports, and prompt job starts.

Our compliance commitments

Ensure a fair and transparent verification process for your candidates. Rightly so, SpringVerify complies with major laws and regulations that govern employment screening.

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