What is Education Verification and why is it important?

What is Education Verification and why is it important?

Education Verification will allow you to hire with confidence by verifying your candidate’s education history,credentials & references.

Running checks for education history can help you:

  • Hire qualified candidates who meets the criteria
  • Ensure the safety and security of your organization
  • Save time and hire faster
  • Stay compliant with state and federal regulations

How SpringVerify helps your screening process?

  • Class leading turnaround times
  • Seamless onboarding experience
  • Mitigate the risk of wrong hires

Various results through Education Verification:

Course Enrollment:

Verifies the candidate’s university credentials.


Ensures the time period in which the degree was completed.

Degree and Completion:

Type or nature of degree obtained is verified.

Graduation Status:

Whether the candidate has completed the graduation or not

Filter candidates tailored to your requirements:

Hire specially trained candidates with a valid license suiting your unique needs. SpringVerify helps you screen your candidate’s professional license along with credentials, validity and date of expiry. The below roles can be checked by doing an Education Verification,

  • Educators,Tutors & Teaching Professionals
  • Cleaning service providers (Household, Laundry)
  • Construction contractors ( Plumbers, electricians and building planners)
  • Professionals in Healthcare such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists

    Verify your candidate’s education history, effortlessly with SpringVerify 

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