What is the main information you need to run a BGV on a candidate?

What is the main information you need to run a BGV on a candidate?

SpringVerify requires the candidate to upload the basic documents upon invitation by the employer to run a background check.

Based on the package chosen by the employer, the candidate needs to provide SpringVerify with necessary information to process the background check.

The candidate would be required to submit their unique Social Security Number (SSN) for the SSN check which is mandatory and included in all of the packages. SSN check is very important because this helps in scoping the database to extract more information.

Based on the SSN check, the candidate would be required to answer some questions which are auto generated.

ID check is mandatory and is available in all the packages ( Bronze, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Diamond). So, the candidate can upload his/her Driver’s License or Passport.

Only upon request or if the package chosen includes Work experience or education experience checks, the candidate is required to upload relevant documents pertaining to their history.

Our built in dashboard is always there to help you track the progress of your background check.

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