What’s the duration for a background check to get completed?

What’s the duration for a background check to get completed?

SpringVerify provides you the most fast, seamless and transparent background check ever. And the best part is that it gets done in an instant. We at SpringVerify offer you with various checks for your candidates. You have the liberty to choose your required package from the various plans available.

As you know, the below mentioned are the various checks we offer at Springworks

  • ID Check
  • Employment Check
  • Court Case Check
  • Education Check
  • Reference Check
  • Passport Check
  • Active Crime monitoring
  • Global database search
  • Motor Vehicle Record Check
  • Sex Offender Search
  • SSN Trace
  • One County Criminal Search
  • All County Criminal Search
  • One County Civil Court Search

All the above mentioned checks happen in an instant and the report is generated immediately. SpringVerify with the help of an API collects the required information of the candidates and provides the result instantaneously. This feature is what sets SpringVerify apart from other products in the market. We provide reports which gives you the solid information which is needed and is very easy to integrate.

Incase of any discrepancy, SpringVerify won’t take more than 14 days to resolve the issue.

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