What’s the procedure to check the status of the background check?

What’s the procedure to check the status of the background check?

Both the candidate and the employers can check the status of the background check on the SpringVerify Dashboard once you login with your email and password.

Initially before signing up on the platform, you will be asked to fill up the form containing various queries related to your background checks. Once you’ve filled, your account will be set up by SpringVerify with your preferred password and email id.

Once you login as told, you can checkout your personalised dashboard to check the progress of your background check. The great thing about the SpringVerify dashboard is that it provides you the status of all the background checks you opted for.

The background check status shows one of the below four stages based on the progress of your BGV

  • Awaiting input ( Input such as documents that are yet to be uploaded by the candidate)
  • Processing ( BGV is taking place)
  • Verified ( Cleared of all checks in accordance with the plan chosen)
  • Issue found ( Rejected pertaining to misinformation & fabricated details)

Along with the status of your background check, you can cross verify the plan you’ve chosen and keep an eye on the verification column which indicates whether you’ve been cleared or not for each individual checks.

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