Whom should a candidate contact if there’s any irregularities?

Whom should a candidate contact if there’s any irregularities?

SpringVerify's support team is always available to answer any questions at any time of the day. We have a dedicated support team to cater all your queries regarding the document submissions, irregularities in the reports generated etc.

Generally there’s an error generated in the candidate’s BGV process when the API couldn’t locate a particular information in the database. When this happens, the status of the background check is marked as “Concern

We might face an instant wherein there might be a irregularity in the documentation uploaded by the candidate. SpringVerify pins this status as a “Concern”. This will be notified to the employer who requested the background check.

Based on the decision of the employer, SpringVerify will dive in further to investigate the discrepancy. Manual contact is made with the candidate and the issue is resolved.SpringVerify will do whatever it takes necessary to make the background check 100 % accurate.

Mail us at : bgv-usa@springverify.com for any queries/doubts you have in mind

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