Why does Trivia need so many permissions?

Why does Trivia need so many permissions?

Yes, Trivia needs a lot of permissions, technically, but we aren't really asking for too much.

All we want is that you have a smooth user experience and great customer service, and that's typically why we take the admin's name and email address. Jump down to the section below to read more on this.

We understand a lot of sensitive data lives in Microsoft Teams and we've built Trivia with enterprise-grade security. You can review our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.

To view Trivia’s Publisher Attestation with documentation on security, compliance, and data handling practices as part of the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Programclick here.

Note: We complete security reviews or questionnaires for annual subscriptions.

We'll tell you exactly what data we need access to and why:

Trivia only collects information to run quizzes, puzzles, games, and certain features such as scheduling and leaderboards.

  • What data is collected?
    • The bot collects information for the team it is implemented in. This is specifically for enabling communications with users inside of Microsoft Teams during and after various Trivia Events (games, challenges, etc.), and for sending out emails to the administrator for communicating important messages regarding onboarding, new feature releases, and support.
      • Team name - used in your personal Trivia dashboard, email communications
      • Admin details (name, email) - used in email communications (onboarding, payment, support & feature releases)
      • User names - used inside the app while displaying responses, results & leaderboards
  • How long is the data retained?
    • It's retained as long as you are a customer. After you cancel the plan, we routinely delete all PII data.
  • Where is the data stored and is it encrypted at rest?
    • It's stored in AWS servers in North Virginia, USA and yes, it's encrypted at rest.
  • Is the data used by any 3rd party application?
    • No data is used by any 3rd party application. The only information we process out of the system is the administrator name and email address for communicating important onboarding, feature releases, and support messages.
  • Who can interact with the Trivia bot?
    • If the administrator adds the Trivia bot to your team, it will be available for users to interact with, across all channels inside that particular team.

If you’d like to have more control over the Trivia app, you can upgrade to Trivia's enterprise plan. Your requests in admin management capabilities and data privacy will be considered a priority.

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      Yes, Trivia needs a lot of permissions, technically. But we are not really asking for too much. To ensure a smooth user experience and Great customer service, we usually ask for the Admin name and email address. Jump down to the section below to read ...
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