Why should you use SpringVerify?

Why should you use SpringVerify?

SpringVerify provides you with seamless,transparent and superfast background verification checks which are completely hassle free.You can get all your background checks streamlined under one roof with SpringVerify which makes your experience the best.

It requires only a couple of seconds for you to sign up on the platform, enter only the basic information of the candidate and the type of checks that needs to be done.Alternativey,you can just call us and provide us the details. We’ll set up everything for you from scratch to make your experience delightful.All of this can be executed within seconds with SpringVerify. The entire sign up process is completely transparent, paperless and simple to comprehend.

SpringVerify is powered by the Blockchain which makes sure your data is secure and protected. No more concerns regarding privacy and security.

One of the most promising factors on why SpringVerify outweighs many products is its ability to execute the background verification process in seconds. Most of our customers say that we have the best turnaround time in the industry. We have built a simple yet organized dashboard which gives you a glance of the results, status of the background checks which makes it simple for you and the candidates to view their current status.

SpringVerify gives prominent importance to queries about their products and services. We at SpringVerify, will be with you at every step of the way to make sure you’re provided with all the details pertaining to your background checks at all times. We will send an email to you regarding the status of your background check as soon as the BGV is completed.

Payment is made very simple. SpringVerify has the best and the most transparent pricing there is. We have no set up fees, no subscription & contract fees as well. You can pay as per your report and there’s a volume discount provided exclusively by SpringVerify.

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