What is Criminal Record Verification?

What is Criminal Record Verification?

What is Criminal Record Verification?

Criminal background checks guarantee that you are fully aware of the candidate's criminal past if any. It might be crucial in avoiding possible liabilities for your customers, workers, and vendors. 

Conducting a criminal record search allows you to make an educated decision on the suitability of a candidate. Even if a crime does not automatically disqualify the applicant, you'll be best placed to make a decision on whether their criminal background could cause undue risk to your business.

Why should you choose SpringVerify?

SpringVerify provides you with the following information for Criminal Record Check:

1. Police verbal confirmation

The nearest police station is contacted based on the candidate's address information. Our Law Firm partner will conduct a comprehensive investigation and compile a final report that includes comments from the relevant authorities.

2. Certificate of clearance from the police

Authorities will conduct on-the-ground investigations by interacting with the applicants. A Police Clearance Certificate with full information on any pending criminal accusations, once validated.

3. Verification of court records

Get complete information on any lawsuits, criminal cases, or current trials against the candidate using court record verifications.

How do I perform Criminal Record Verification on SpringVerify?

Follow these simple steps to perform criminal record verification on SpringVerify:

Step 1: Request criminal background checks.

Note: Address Verification needs to be checked to proceed with court record check.

Step 2: Checks are made across multiple databases

SpringVerify inspects the applicant's history for involvement in any illegal activity.

Step 3: Choose the right candidate.

Before you onboard a candidate, SpringVerify will provide you a summary of the criminal record verification. 

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